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Sello Excelencia EVAM 200-299, año 2018
Clases Pasivas

Services Charter

Carta de servicios

Services charters enable citizens to know in advance what types of services they can expect and demand and what the quality commitments for said services are.

The Menu of Passive Class Services is the document by which the Directorate General of Personnel Costs and Public Pensions informs citizens on the services that it has entrusted, the quality commitments that it assumes in the provision of such services, as well as the rights that protect them in relation thereto.

This Services Charter is available at the Citizen Services Office of the Directorate-General of Personnel Costs and Public Pensions, in the State Pension Divisions of the Delegations of Economy and Finance and at the Administrative Information Service of the Ministry of Finance.

Online access to the Services charter is also available at the Directorate-General online office

Cuadro de seguimiento de los compromisos de la Carta de servicios 2019