Gobierno de España. Ministerio de Hacienda. Secretaría de Estado de Presupuestos y Gastos - Dirección General de Costes de Personal
Sello Excelencia EVAM 200-299, año 2018
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Código SIA185390
DenominaciónPensiones en aplicacion de Reglamentos Comunitarios
Tipo de ProcedimientoBenefits
Materiastate pensions
ObjetoGranting of pensions for government officials (retirement and disability) and their relatives (widows/widowers, orphans or for parents) when they have recorded contributions to public pension systems during their time in residence in member states of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland
Órgano ResponsableDirectorate-General of Personnel Costs and Public Pensions
Forma Inicio Interesado
Lugar de PresentaciónRegistros de la Dirección General de Costes de Personal y Pensiones Públicas, de las Delegaciones de Economía y Hacienda, y cualquiera de los contemplados en el artículo 16 de la Ley 39/2015, de 1 de octubre, del Procedimiento Administrativo Común de las Administraciones Públicas
Fases del ProcedimientoI) The application for implementation of EC regulations requires the granting and payment – except in the event of the applicant's representation to the contrary – of the pensions that may correspond in accordance with all state laws accrediting contribution or insurance periods. As a result, the Directorate General for Personnel Costs and Public Pensions ("investigating institution") processes the pension application with each of the competent institutions of the state or states in which insurance periods are recorded, issuing the forms established to this effect in the above regulations, which it completes using the data supplied by the interested parties. These documents are forwarded to the relevant institutions, where the case will be resolved after completing the necessary actions as set down in domestic legislation or in EC regulations. The investigating institution will be sent the form (E 210), containing the basic information on the Resolution (decision to grant and the value of the same or denial with the reasons why). The resolution itself is also usually sent so that it can be communicated to the interested party.
II) Once the Directorate General for Personnel Costs and Public Pensions has received the decision on the pension adopted by the state or states concerned, it shall study and resolve the pension file in one of the following ways: a) If the interested party is not entitled to the pension (because he/she does not fulfil the grace period) with the contributions from Spain, but would reach it by adding the periods (non-overlapping), accredited in other states of the European Union or European Economic Area, the relevant Prorrata-Temporis pension will apply. b) If the interested party is entitled to a domestic pension, even without considering the periods of insurance in other states, the domestic pension (excluding periods outside Spain) and the Prorrata-Temporis pension will be calculated, offering the applicant the right to the larger sum. Both are compatible with the receipt of pensions indicated by the competent institutions of other states.
III) Finally, both the interested parties and the other countries involved will be notified of all the decisions made.
Plazo de Resolución4 Month(s)
Órganos de Resolución
  • Directorate General for Personnel Costs and Public Pensions
Fin VíaNo
  • Recurso de reposición potestativo previo al recurso contencioso-administrativo, a interponer en el plazo de 1 mes, ante la DG de Costes de Personal y Pensiones Públicas.
  • Recurso contencioso-administrativo ante el Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid en el plazo de dos meses contados desde el día siguiente a su notificación
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