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Prior appointment: other procedures

The Directorate-General for Personnel Costs makes available to recipients of State Civil Service Pension Scheme and other benefits managed by this Directorate-General, the possibility of requesting an appointment to carry out any of the following procedures with the Information Service, located at Avenida del General Perón, 38 (MASTER’S II Building), Madrid.

  • Application for Civil Service pensions, except those relating to military personnel. For widow/widower’s, orphans’ and parents’ pensions, please indicate the surnames, given name(s) and ID card number of the deceased.
  • Application for advances from the Food Payment Guarantee Fund
  • Application for financial assistance to Victims of Violent Crimes
  • Request to change bank, address, IRPF personal income tax or personal details
  • Enquiries about your Civil Service pension
  • Obtaining certificates and other documents

To request information on the approximate amount of your retirement pension, please make an appointment via: Request an appointment: Pre-Retirement Information.

The section ‘Applications and Procedures’ contains the relevant forms and information on the documentation that must be attached in each case.

For the appointment system to function properly, you must make a separate appointment for each item that you wish to consult.

Some Civil Service Units, located in the Economy and Finance offices, also offer this appointment service. To check if it is available in your province of residence click on the following link.

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