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Written information

Civil servants included in the State Pension System, who are considering the possibility of retiring in the near future, may request information on the approximate amount of their future retirement pension, in accordance with current regulations and base pay laid down in the National Budget Act of the current year..

The estimated amount shall be non-binding and for information purposes only, and shall not imply recognition of duties payableos.

For such purposes, you can fill out the electronic form in the electronic registry of the Electronic Office of the DGCPPP, or file your request in accordance with the provisions of article 16.4 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Public Administration's Common Administrative Procedures.

Don’t forget to fill out the application form prior to retirement with all the details of your public office career, stating the different Organizations and Levels and the services rendered to the State in each of these (including dates) as well as, if applicable, the contributions paid to the Social Security System and the contribution group. In the event that services were rendered to the State under a part-time schedule, the percentage of activity with regard to a full-time schedule will be indicated. Your pension will be calculated solely based on your statements, without assessing supporting documents.