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In-person information: previous appointment

Civil servants included in the State Pension System, who are considering the possibility of retiring in the near future, may request information on the approximate amount their future retirement pension, in accordance with the current regulations and the base pay laid down in the National Budget Act of the current year. The estimated amount shall be non-binding and for information purposes only, and shall not imply recognition of duties payable..

If you are a civil servant in the State Civil Service Pension Scheme and you plan to retire within a year, the Civil Service Unit of the Economy and Finance Office in Álava offers you the possibility of finding out the approximate amount of your future pension.

To access this service, which is offered in-person, you must present the following documentation:

  • DNI (National ID)
  • Certificate of services issued by your personnel organisation (CS)
  • Work history report if you have made other contributions to Social Security

If you already have this documentation, request an appointment:

  • Visit the Álava Economy and Finance Office (Civil Service Unit): C/ Olaguíbel 7, 3º - CP 01004 (VITORIA)
  • By calling the Centre: 945 121 856
  • By sending an email with your personal information, contact phone number, and place of residence to the following address: Alava-ipj@igae.hacienda.gob.es

If you do not already have the aforementioned documentation, please obtain it before requesting an appointment, as you cannot be seen without it.